Day 3/155 of My Freelance Journey

Today I'll keep it short due to my listlessness.

There were 2 tasks for today.

  1. Create a freelancing process
  2. Define pricing structure

Create a Freelance Process

This was clear-cut. My process is based upon a working 6 figure per year process. The process is the same sans for a couple of small tweaks I made to accommodate how I work.

Battle testing the process will start soon. Most likely the beginning of next week.

Define a Pricing Structure

On the flip side this is proving to be difficult. I need to do 2 things to define my pricing structure. One, find the rates of other copywriters. Two, find the going rate for different kinds of copy (email, website, blog, etc).

The rates of different jobs are easy to come by. There are loads of marketplaces that have jobs listed.

The rates of copywriters are not. I'm avoiding sites where price is a race to the bottom such as Fiver or Upwork.

Searching for the different kinds of copy writers yields many results. Yet many of them do not publish or make it easy to find their rates.

I suspect this is because highly paid freelancers / consultants use value-based pricing and not time-based pricing.

To prevent me from spending too much time on research I'm going to allot 1 more hour of research. If I can't find any numbers within that time then I will go with time-based pricing since that information is easier to find.

Until tomorrow,


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