Day 2/115 of My Freelance Challenge

Welcome back to day 2 of my freelance journey. Two goals for today.

  1. Write the copy for my website.
  2. Make a site.

Writing Website Copy

Writing the copy was difficult. It really forced me to focus in on my brand and value proposition. I believe I did a good job but only my results will tell.

Goals & Systems

Speaking of results I have not publicly defined my goal. Or my system for accomplishing it.

My goal is to hit $5K revenue in 1 month. My current total for December is $0.00 (heh).

I'll talk about the system in another post once it's actually working.

Making a Website

The website was less of a pain. My initial issue was fighting the temptation to design, code, and host my own site. Since I'm a technical person my first solution to a lot of problems is to build something.

That approach is wrong.

The website's purpose is to advertise my special way of writing. Designing, coding, and hosting my website won't serve that purpose at all.

After my realization I discovered there's a cornucopia of website builders. I spent some time evaluating several of them (Webflow, Squarespace, etc). I decided they were all far too complex for what I wanted.

All I wanted was a simple yet aesthetically pleasing website that I could connect to my domain.

In the end Google Sites won out. The builder is simple and straight forward. It does not give you a swath of customization or options.

This forces you to focus on your content. Similar to' editor.

I'm happy with my website...for now.

Until tomorrow,


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